About us

When you are planning to travel to an unknown and distant place, the questions begin, where do I go? How to make the most of my time? I do not speak Spanish, how do I get information? We are here to help you with these and more...

We are two designers with curiosity about the "unknown", Paulina travels around the world and specializes in tourism, Valentina, constantly changes addresses and immerses herself in the culture of each new place she arrives to. We are eaguer to experience things "in situ" to be able to touch and feel whatever is there, new for us to discover. But, at the same time, we donĀ“t complain when things are delivered at our door, This is how Black Llama was born, We want to help you plann your trip from the confort of your home and enjoy the wild side of our country with hands on experiences your are not going to forget. This is the country we love, with us you will have the most pleasant planning and the most adventurous experiences in the field. 

Our team varies from former bosses that have become friends to companies which have given us a great service and now have become our partners. Everyone coming together to give you the best experience.

Our prompt is simple. We are not going to provide you with bathrobes when you get out of the water in the different lagoons, But we promise to show you the best kept secrets of each place we visit, pampering you with beauty, history and unforgetable experiences instead (Along with delicious food, of course!)

Why Black Llama?

The legend says that the San Pedro culture sacrificed a black llama to the Mother Earth (Patta Hoiri - en Kunza) every June 24 in the Andean New Year.

Specifically they chose a black llama, because in the sky of the ancient peoples of the altiplano the constellation of the Llama or Yacana was the most important for them and her journey in the sky throughout the year allowed them to know the proper dates for planting, harvesting, etc. Also, the Yacana drank the water of the sea during the night so that it did not flood the continent, it is said that all the slopes and lagoons come from her...

For the Lickanantay the constellations were not figures formed by the stars, but the dark spaces among them, the Yacana is a black spot with the shape of a llama in the Milky Way, her eyes are Alpha and Beta Centauri, you can see her easily in the nights without moon of San Pedro de Atacama!!

Come and visit us to see the Black Llama and all the magnificent landscapes Chile have to offer you.

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